Saturday, November 15, 2008

Conferences and the dance

Well, only a week and 2 days until we are on Thanksgiving break! Conferences this wek went really well, I was very excited to see some of your parents that I haven't met yet. it was also nice to see those that I have seen several times now.

You have all been working very hard and we need to keep that up, we only have a few more weeks before winter break and we have alot to do!! The technology is coming and we are moving into some very important units!

The dancce on Friday went well until the end. There were a bunch of people pushing one another with no where to go. People wound up being pushed to the ground and getting trampled. They did not stop even when I was shouting to stop while I tried to pick up the kids that were being squished. We need to start realizing what is going on around us or there are not going to be any more days like this. If people cannot control themselves we will not be allowed to have that many people in gym.

Let's have a great week, we should be getting our promethean board and clickers soon!!! Have a great weekend!

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